The Certificate of Ostukaitse

NameSkiwax Europe OÜ
ContactRegati pst 1, Hoone 4,
Tallinn, Estonia
Valid till31/12/2018
Issue date01/02/2016
Alar Kalmus
Chairman of the Board
1. The Certificate of Ostukaitse
1.1. The VALID Certificate of Ostukaitse gives you an extra guarantee from Ostukaitse OÜ. By extra guarantee we secure that the consumer will get ordered goods or 100 % money back.
1.2. The Certificate of Ostukaitse is a document that is used to designate the quality requirements of online traders. The Certificates is issued by Ostukaitse OÜ.
1.3. To obtain a secure shopping enviroment certificate all the online traders have to go trough an audit which proves their quality standards. The audit contains more than 90 single criterias and includes deep analysis of sales process, members of the board, history, home page and financial activities.
1.4. The Certificate by Ostukaitse which proves a secure shopping enviroment is an electronically issued certificate which is accredited only to the online traders after succesfully completing the audit.

2. The procedure to issue the Certificate
2.1. The online trader submits an application to Ostukaitses certification depratment
2.2. An expert of Ostukaitses audit deparment will contact the online trader
2.3. An expert of the audit department will transmit a quality standards questionnare and will guide how to fill it.
2.4. By order and as aquired the expert of audit deparment may/must visit and inspect the points of sale, warehouse and other venues.
2.5. As the outcome of the audit the confirmity or discrepancy will be marked in the audit report. The person resoposible for accuracy of the testimony based results is the online trader who has sent the data.
2.6. The expert will evaluat the results for the audit and complience with the requirement.
2.7. The certification expert will determine based on expert opinion about the issuing or non issuing the certificate.

3. Guarantee claims
3.1. You can raise a claim against the online trader on Ostukaitses website, and the page to raise a claim is found here.
3.2. Ostukaise proceeds all the cases immediately accoding to the deadlines given in general terms. You can access the general terms here.